Cleanse and Purify and I Shall Exalt Thee to the Throne of Power

Drinking from the cup of life or drinking from the cup of death.  Will you choose man or will you choose God?  The human race is living in violation of many of God's laws of the body temple as well as many spiritual laws.

Most of the human race is unaware of these laws but at some point ignorance is no excuse. So I will briefly tell you what not to do as well as what to do. Get off the SAD (Standard American Diet) first of all. Soft drinks are killers. White sugar is a killer. Some other things to avoid are fast food restaurants, coffee, candy, most meat, store bought salt, processed foods. Go to the produce section of the grocery store, pick out food for your meals and leave the rest of the store behind.

To get close to God one must cleanse and purify the body temple. Also taking Barley life will help you get closer to God, since this is "green light". Actually it is very simple. If it is cooked it is dead food. Raw foods are still alive and can help restore your body's health. The laws of God on health are simple but powerful.

A great way to find out about real health is from a little book entitled "The Essene Gospel of Peace". Book 1. Man is living so far away from the laws of God that he may not recognize the truth. One must get in alignment with God in order for God to draw near to him. This is at the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. So on your path to God you must obey the laws of the body temple where the Holy Spirit dwells.

There is no other way and there are no short cuts, one just has to step up, be strong, want the truth, and pursue the truth at all costs. The reward is great because there is no greater reward then finding your God connection. Then all the doors to your life will open to you. Remember if you want God you must say "No" to this world and everything that is thrown at us on a daily basis. Actually in many ways it is going back to nature.

You are far closer to God there then in the daily grind of this world. So step on the path to God by cleansing and purifying the body temple where the Holy Spirit dwells...............Blessings. Robert

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