2015 can be the best year ever.!!!!!!

First turn away from the world and point your HEART toward God. True happiness is what everybody wants. It can only be found in God. It is not in this world anywhere so don't waste your time looking. The so-called happiness of this world lasts five minutes then it is gone. In fact everything in this world is transitory. Lasting real happiness can only be found in God. Don't look for happiness because happiness is an inside job and can only come when you are sufficiently lined up with God. Nothing else will do. When you get closer and closer to God your life will be transformed into one of love, joy, peace, and happiness. That is what everybody is looking for but it is like looking for love in all the wrong places. If you are serious about 2015 then step on the path to God and allow me to guide you, it took me 15 years or more, I walked away from everything, I stay in silence, changed my diet and began to ask God to Show me the way, show me the truth and set me free and so he did, no one helped me go trough this but I can guide you because I have done the work.  This is your year, don't waste any more time. As Dr. Hawkins said it in his book "The I of the Eye"......."Straight and narrow is the path waste no time" take the time to review my web-site at robertsmalley.org.There you will find the truth of who you are and how to set your feet on the highest and best path.

Take the test and make the necessary changes to get yourself aligned with God because nothing else matters. If you would like me to come to your town and speak to others then move forward and gather 10 people or more and let's move forward together to wake others to God's realization. I have been given the okay to get out of seclusion and do my part ............