Robert Smalley’s Field of Consciousness Individual Survey Calibration, based on the work of David Hawkins, is a compass on the spiritual journey. At first I questioned the benefit of assigning numerical values to the consciousness but I’ve concluded that the values are a tangible way of assessing “where we are” in remembering our enlightenment. Clearly our spiritual paths are unique but Robert’s work can assist us all wherever we are on our journey. Is it necessary? No. Is it helpful? I have found it to be so. The survey is comprehensive and from it you can clearly see from where you have come, where you are, and where you’d like to go. It reveals aspects of yourself you never realized. Of course the danger of using numbers is the ego’s tendency to compare. For me, this is overshadowed by the larger benefit: once we see that we are all at different levels of consciousness and that, at any given time, we are doing the best we can within our level, the heart opens and is filled with compassion for all. Rather than comparing, we can accept one another completely without judgment.

It is with great compassion that Robert has compiled his list of “qualities”. His hope is that it will serve as a useful tool for those on the spiritual path. I am grateful for Roberts work and for the generous loving spirit that he gives to it.

~ Lisa E., Louisville, Ky

Robert Smalley has used calibrating to help me with my daughter’s education. It proved to be true concerning her. We picked the right schools for my daughter. She is now going to start school to be an x-ray tech.

~ Susan G. (MO)

Calibrating through the use of Kinesiology is a major breakthrough to determine where we are at at any given time in any and all areas of ones life. This has proved to be very helpful to me in so many ways. It can be of great help to anyone who uses it for their higher spiritual goals.

~T.S., NY

Robert's mission is to heal others.  He is well versed in a wide diversity of healing modalities.  Robert has been highly influenced by the work of Dr. David Hawkins and kinesiology.  I highly recommend Robert Smalley to coach you to higher levels of vitality and radiant life.

~ Rev. Susan E.P. Louisville,KY