Your Spiritual Report Card
Think for a moment of the vastness of the universe. Think for a moment of how you fit into this vastness. How can it be possible that each soul is meaningful and is part of this great cosmic plan.

Over the past twenty years, approximately, through the development of quantum physics, we have discovered how man fits into this gigantic matrix of human consciousness, how we fit in, and how we are part of this major transformative experience. Man, through his evolutionary development has discovered an amazing venue to know. This is the unfoldment of Truth, Consciousness, and Knowing.

A seven page formula, using quantum physics, has brought mankind closer to the reality of Truth than ever before. It could be called a miracle, but it is in fact the unfoldment of consciousness at the human level and has been given to us to use, utilize, and enhance our unfoldment as the human species in which this is all happening.

If you, as part of this, are longing to find answers and know where you fit in and how you are meaningful and significant in this unfoldment, a way has been made to find these answers.

Through spiritual research and consciousness testing using Kinesiology, we now have available to us a way to measure where we fit in our individual experiences of life. We can know where we are in our own unique experience in this thing called “life”. There is a system whereby we can now actually measure our evolutionary development and you can know exactly where you are in your development as part of this whole process. Millions, if not billions, of people want to know. This is a way to actually know two things: the truth of anything and the consciousness of anything or anybody. The idea of the phrase, “nothing is hidden” is now available to everyone or anyone. To be willing to “stare truth in the face”, is impressive and can lead one to Knowing which leads to freedom which is what all humans long for. This bypasses the intellect, our opinions, our thoughts, our dualistic thinking, and goes to the core of who we are as part of consciousness and all its meanings and manifestations.

As a general rule, humans do not know who they are nor do they know why they are here. They do not know where they belong or where they are going. Religion has been the way for most humans to try to understand, but religion has been limited to belief systems, dogma and doctrines and has not successfully penetrated to the level of “Truth” where we can be set free.

Even though the best colleges and universities are now teaching “consciousness” courses, most of us are still very unaware of how we can use this information for our benefit and advancement. We have believed that knowledge, education, degrees, etc. will serve us and bring us happiness. It has now been shown that consciousness is beyond this and shows us the way out of the major dilemma of confusion and dualistic thinking.

Since you are reading this, you are asking for answers. Proceed in faith and expectation of knowing the Truth and being set free. You will be rewarded in “ways you know not of”.

Through years of research modern man (21st century man) is now able to tap into the non-linear domain of life and measure the non-physical parts of our lives, such as love, forgiveness, spiritual progress, etc.

Spiritual research is now beginning to reveal to us, in a measurable way, where we are in our spiritual growth and development.

Einstein and others were aware of the non-linear world but were unable to make the break-through to actually measure this major area of our lives. Through quantum physics, scientists and researchers have discovered a way to actually measure, in a verifiable, quantifiable way, the non-physical aspects of our lives.

As the human race evolves and unfolds and more advances are made, it is becoming more clear that consciousness is one of the centerpieces for man’s focus to help us in our spiritual progress.

It is not a judgment for educators to grade a student’s progress in a particular subject. It does, however, shed some light on one’s mastery of that subject. This same principle holds true for one’s spiritual progress and development. I think most people would agree how this could be quite helpful since most of us currently have a difficult time finding answers to spiritual questions in a measurable way.

If you would like to have a better idea of where you are in this area of your life, this test and an explanation of it may prove to be helpful in bringing forth more clarity and insight.

Because we are changing and evolving, a test at any given time, is a snapshot, and later could be quite different based on one’s growth and spiritual advancement.